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Tequila cream liquors?

That’s right! They look creamy and fun, but they pack intense flavor and a heck of a punch! Taking your party or after-dinner drinks to the next level, without knocking you on your butt.


Combining the best of a cream liquor, the naughtiness of tequila, and a burst of flavor from the tastiest fruits.


Do you dare to find out more?

Meet our Heroes

Inspired by the fabulous masked wrestlers of Mexico. Each Hero is represented by a unique
and delicious flavor.

Capitan freson crema tequila sabor fresa
Mariachi el mango crema tequila sabor mango
Lupita Pasión fruit passion cream liqueur with tequila
Pancho Sandia_Crema de tequila sabor sandia

Drink it however you want…

Drink it however you want…

And the winner is, Cream Heroes!

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