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Lupita Pasion_Cream Heroes


Passion Fruit flavor Tequila Cream

When women were banned from Lucha Libre, Lupita Pasión didn’t think twice about taking
them on and breaking down that unjust divide.


Women are stronger every day, and they don’t hesitate to fight for what they believe in.
Lupita represents that strength and indomitable spirit, because there’s a reason she is
considered the best luchadora in Mexico.


The awesome character of passion fruit and the smoothness of cream thrills everyone who
tries it. Cheers, Lupita! Passion fruit for the win!

Cóctel crema tequila sabor frutas receta



50ml de crema de fruta de la pasión con tequila Cream Heroes

20ml de passion fruit ravi, un cacaolat pequeño

15ml de sirope de azúcar (o 10ml de dulce de leche).

Garnish: choco rallado.



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