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Strawberry flavor Tequila Cream

Think about the power you feel when you put a mask on and you’ll understand Capitán
Fresón, ready for anything! His mask represents his essence and ideals, and like him, we
want you to be true and to fight for them.


Regarded as the father of Lucha Libre, our Capitán Fresón is the undisputed champion. The
winner of many competitions for being the best strawberry cream liquor on the market, and
made from ripe strawberries and an exceptional 100% Mexican tequila.

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60ml Capitán Fresón

30ml lime juice

15ml cointreau

7 basil leaves

2 strawberries Explosive, but with a delicate appearance.

Add Capitán Fresón, lime juice, Cointreau, basil leaves and frozen in a cocktail shaker, shake and strain twice before serving.

Use the strawberries as decoration, giving it that striking touch that makes us feel more alive.



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