Cream Liqueurs for everyday Heroes

Our Cream Heroes contain 100% Tequila made in Mexico, from locally harvested and roasted agave piñas. Made only with natural ingredients mainly harvested in the Mediterranean region and in tropical areas to make the product happy, youthful, and fun like it’s Heroes.

Heritage, Craftmanship & Flavour

Crafted by the wisdom of a 4th generation family-owned distillery in Barcelona.
Over 150 Years’ experience.
Marked by bold, exotic, delicate, unexpected, and delicious hints that are sure to please all palates.

Committed to a
better planet

Cream Heroes was founded with a clear vision:
To create a community which allows you to live life like an everyday Hero, with the philosophy and commitment to contribute to create a better planet.

To strengthen this commitment and contribute to the change, at Cream Heroes we have partnered with 1% FOR THE PLANET to give back at least 1% of our revenues to our selected non-profit organizations that protects & celebrates climate change, food, land, pollution and wildlife. It is a small commitment today that can make a huge impact tomorrow! We can be better. We can do better. 1% from us. 100% for the planet.

Join our heroes and commit just like them to contribute to a better future.

Meet our Cream Heroes

Inspired by the masked wrestlers of Mexico, each Cream Heroes are represented by a unique and delicious flavour, with the philosophy to bring their gimmicks to inspire youngsters to be part of the change too.

Taste our Recipes

Cream Heroes are best enjoyed in a well-chilled drink, but there are countless ways to savour it. Add it to all your drinks, from an explosive cocktail to a shake with alcohol, or use it to accompany a cake or make an ice cream. Cream Heroes are as versatile as they are delicious.

Contact us

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